Story Chain Mixed Sapphires

Story Chain Mixed Sapphires


Every one of our Story Chains is a unique handcrafted treasure. No two are alike and there will never be another one created that is identical to yours. Assorted natural sapphires glow between five interspersed amulets.

A sassy serpent to tempt you, a tender owl to help you make the right decisions, an elaborate compass rose to chart your journey, a bejeweled horseshoe to bring you all the luck and a tree of life with lots of limbs to make yours long and fruitful! Enjoy!


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Description: Handcrafted Amulet Story Chain telling a tale of life with 5 "stations"*

Length: 34"

Width: Amulets 1/2"

Gemstones: 3mm

Materials: Mixed Tourmalines, 14K Gold Filled wire, 14K Gold, Vermeil Amulets with Bezel Set Full Cut Mixed Gemstones on the Reverse.


We are happy to custom make any special size or out of stock item for you. All custom orders are 6-8 weeks as ready and are final sale. Feel free to contact us for more information  and to place your order at

*Due to the handcrafted nature of each piece sizes and weights may vary slightly